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Saturday, March 31, 2007

Tennis Equipment and Racquet tips and recommendations, Brought to you by

Get in the Game!
Atlanta has the largest registered public tennis community in the United States.
There are over 150,000 active players in several leagues across metro Atlanta.
The USTA season is in full swing. The ALTA Mixed Doubles season starts the
beginning of January. The registration deadlines for K-Swiss, T2Tennis,
Visionary Tennis, and Peach Tennis are fast approaching. Are you ready to play?
If you are a new player or just coming back from a long retirement, here is a
small list of equipment that you will need to make your tennis experience
The average price for a new tennis racquet is about $180. However, all
manufacturers have a beginners racquet at $100. And if appropriate, there
are discontinued racquets as low as $70. Racquets are made to help the
player with power or control, depending on your skill level and athletic abilities.
Strings will add an additional $4 - $20.
The two main differences in tennis shoes and cross trainers are the level of
lateral support and the shank system on the bottom of the shoe to stabilize
the foot on flat services. All tennis shoes have some level of both. The high
stability shoes tend to be all leather and slightly heavier. The lightweight
shoes have a minimum level of support, but have the added benefit of being
ventilated to cool the foot. Shoes can range from $40 - $110, with the average
price around $80.
Sure, you can wear that old holey cotton t-shirt and sweatpants. But, there is
clothing that will help make your playing more enjoyable. Shirts are made with
wicking fibers that pull the moisture away from the skin and release that moisture
quicker to keep you cooler and drier. All tennis shorts have deeper pockets to
hold the tennis balls. Skirts generally have tennis panties under them to hold
tennis balls as well. Socks made for tennis have extra padding on the soles
and are made with similar wicking fibers. Wear what you have for free, or buy
a new outfit for under $75.
You can buy $1.99 cans of balls at the grocery store or the major sporting goods
chains. But, those balls are made with rubber with fillers (sand, sawdust, and
air pockets). They are acceptable balls for casual hitting, but will not last as
long during competitive play. The $2.99 balls that are for sale at I PLAY TENNIS,
are made with a solid rubber, air filled core. They will bounce longer and are
made with a more durable felt. Most players use a new can for one or two
So, make it a New Year's Resolution to get on the courts. Whether it is to
begin a new sport, or pick back up an old one, I PLAY TENNIS is your one
shop stop in town for your tennis needs.
404.347.7881. Once you get all outfitted and equipped, if your looking for a tennis instructor or personal trainer, please check out 404.451.8872



Monday, March 26, 2007

Looking for a tennis instructor in your area?

Like finding a cop, finding a tennis pro in your area can be almost impossible, I teach tennis mostly in and just outside the city of Atlanta Georgia, people contact me nearly everyday and I can't serve them and try I to point them in the right direction, for Tennis instruction there are a couple of very good sources, ther First is a new service but from my dealing this is a great resource for a person looking for a tennis instructor at home or if they are travelling and looking to pickup some lessons, hitting or even a tennis match :, just click there link below and enter your city you live in and they will give you a list of Tennis instructors in your area, my listing is:,

The next source has everything from Personal trainers, tennis instructors to massage therapists to DJ's and this company is called and there a real neat resource, at this point mostly just in the Atlanta Georgia region but growing maybe to a area near you.: Here's my listing on bookapro,

The third source is the good old United States Tennis Association is a great
source for finding a certified tennis professionial, always ask are they USPTA, or USPTR, United States Professional Tennis Registry the 2 recognized tennis certifications bodys in the country.
Thanks, hope this helps in finding a certified tennis instructor or even a personal trainer, Fitness with Jeff Atlanta, Tennis instruction, Personal training,

Atlanta Cardio tennis program info and schedule

Cardio Tennis Group tennis schedule and info, Hello group, I'm now keeping my schedule on my blog site so please feel free to check out each week because I'm constantly adding and changing the schedule based on student requestsInfo about the program for new people:> Certified personal trainer and tennis instructor> offering a new service called Called Cardio-tennis:> It involves tennis instruction, drills, physcal> exercise,in a fun group tennis environment, held mostly, (but can go to other locations) > Location: Frankie Allen Park in Buckhead behind 485 Pharr> road off the bar district in Buckhead. The Cost for the class is $15 per class or 5 classes for $60. For more info: Http://, cardio tennis> tab, > I'm keeping in contact with people mostly via email, but feel free to contact me check on availibility or any questions.
Group schedule: Sat 11:00am, Sun 11:00am Mon 6:00pm Tueday 6:15 pm, Monday 9:20am(This session only at Ansley Park) RSVP requested but not mandatory Also have a semi private class tuesday at 5:15 pm,Right now all group classes at Frankie Allen in Buckhead behind a office at 485 Pharr rd. Please contact me for appointment and cancellations.> > Thanks again> Jeff Michaud, USPTA, AMFPT 404.451.8872>