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Saturday, August 18, 2007

Double forehand, aka 2 handed fore-hand, tennis stroke

For tennis players that love there two handed backhand and or seem to have problems with the one handed forehand: power and accuracy would be the 2 biggest problems. I think I have solution for you and it is called the 2 handed fore-hand aka The double forehand, two-handed forehand grip puts both hands in an Eastern forehand grip (Eastern forehand is the hammer or handshake grip) grip position. The left hand's position is strong and on the bottom for the right hander, but the right's is weak and on top much like a baseball player or golfer, The biggest disadvantage: changing from forehand to backhand, this requires the player to change there hand position completely, turning the hands over in mid-play, otherwise creating a very awkward swing if they do not change hand position. On the back hand side the right handed player should shift there grip to a continental, (I call it knuckles top or big knuckle on small top edge of the grip) with the two-hander it is not as important to change the grip as it is for the one-hander and can allow the player to use the easier to master eastern grip aka hand shake grip, one advantage of this is additional lift. Now the hands most completely flip over with the right hand now on the bottom and strong with the left hand on top in a weaker position to complete the backhand stroke.
For the left hander the hand positions would be reversed.

I would normally only suggest this radical approach to new players, perhaps someone who lost strength or became injured and needs to make a radical change to there game. Example: a great candidate would be a lady, young girl with not much tennis playing experience and maybe limited arm strength, also very good for young children of both sexes.
Having said that, I’ve heard lately about very strong young men using the double handed forehand, the two handed back hand started out being only used by ladies and young girls 30-40 years ago, today the two handed backhand is the standard for both men and woman, within a generation it could be as normal for both men and women to use 2 hands on both sides.

Advantages more power and greater accuracy, more control.
contact slightly farther back, allows more time for player to react and make adjustments.

Disadvantage, very big one: having to flip hands over during the point, to much reliance on using two hands, could lead to problems on net game, volley’s are best when done with one hand, just quicker.

For the right player this could be a great stroke to improve and master your game. Have a great game. Atlanta Tennis Coach, Personal Trainer.

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