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Friday, December 21, 2007

Happy Holidays Atlanta Tennis Players !!!!

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Thursday, December 20, 2007

Wimbledon Tennis Tournament 2008, Trip From Atlanta to the Uk

Hello Atlanta Tennis group, Always on the lookout for new and fun tennis related events, match play, round-robins etc, and I think you guys will enjoy this.
WIMBLEDON Tennis Tournament – 2008
Saturday 21st June- Saturday 28th June 2008
Package includes: 3 days of show court tennis (Centre and/or No. 1 Court)
Unlimited grass court play at one of England’s oldest tennis clubs
All meals, teas/refreshments and drinks at the tennis club
All transport once you arrive in London, including taxi to/from airport
Easy access to central London/local tourist attractions
Small tour group (10-14 people) organized by Atlanta-based tennis pro from London
Contact “The Grass Court Experience, LLC.” (770)973-1532 or

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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Tennis instruction or Fitness training the perferct holiday gift

Hi Atlanta Tennis and fitness group, what better gift could you do then the gift of fitness, I find that it is best to give a gift certificate of tennis lessons and oh by the way fitness with jeff does personal training to, giving personal training as a gift might imply that the givee is fat or out of shape, giving tennis lessons just comes accross like a fun gift for that someone. Not to late happy holidays...Jeff

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Saturday, December 15, 2007

The right shoe for tennis

Hello Atlanta tennis group, I'm seeing alot tennis players playing with the wrong shoe. The propper tennis shoe should be all leather, shoes with mesh or other materials don't give the same support, this is especially true for my lady tennis plaryers who have elevated risk of ankle injury then men. See you on the court

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Cardio exercise for tennis players, off season and between matches

Improving your physical fitness side is straightforward; you need to improve your endurance by ideally a minimum of 30 minutes cardiovascular activity at the right level 3 times a week.
Avoid doing your cardiovascular workout before you play your game. Both weight training exercises and explosive leg exercises such as short sprints and plyometrics can improve explosive power. Remember to work within your own limits.
Aim to spend 1 day a week doing either sprint / plyometric work. As these are both very demanding, avoid if you have a low fitness level, or any injury.
For your sprint work, try and do the sprints on the court you play on, wearing the same training shoes you play in. There are many variations, however keep them short as for your sport.
Shuttle sprints, from baseline to serving box and back, then up to the net and back. You can repeat this with either no rest or short rest. For best results run against a partner.
As above but sprint forward, and run backwards coming back.
Ball retrieval, place a number of balls across the court, sprint to each one pick it up, return it to the baseline, continue until all balls are recovered. Try timing yourself.
Partner Ball Throw, Stand with your back towards the net or wall, with your eyes shut, have your partner throw a ball in the air behind you somewhere. When they say "go", aim to reach the ball as quickly as possible, you can also aim to hit the ball over the net etc. with your racket.
North South East West, Sprint North towards the net / wall, as you get half way, side step East to the sideline / wall, then continue to sprint North. On reaching the net / wall, run backwards to halfway mark, and side step West to side line, then run back again to baseline. Take care when running backwards for ostacles and to keep your balance. Start slowly and build up. This and other drills and techniques will get you into the best possible shape.

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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Round Robin Tennis event, Atlanta Christian Tennis Social for Singles

A.C.T.S. (Atlanta Christian Tennis Social for Singles)
is an opportunity for Christian singles to share fun,
fitness, and fellowship through tennis as well as
inviting their non-Christian single friends.

Chastain Tennis Center 110 W Wieuca Rd NE Atlanta GA 30342 404-368-9315

COST: $ 10 per player-paid AT the event (balls are provided)
FORMAT: Mixed Doubles, Round Robin. Saturday, December 15 at 12:00PM
WHO: All skill levels are welcomed
REFRESHMENTS: Gatorade and water and HOT chocolate provided

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Saturday, December 08, 2007

Visionary tennis in Atlanta, $3 dollar tennis league

Hello Atlanta Tennis, My friends at Visionary Tennis league are offering a $3 tennis league with matches, seems like a pretty good deal to me and thought i would pass it on to you guys.
A Singles season of our unique flexible, home-and-away format for less than a latte. (Or just three bucks each for a season of Doubles.) And for those of you who had already been credited for the fall season, we’ll let you apply the $3-dollar special to next year’s Spring/Summer season instead!

What’s the biggest challenge to having a good season in flexible tennis? Getting to your matches on time? Having a good backhand? No and no. The hardest thing in any league is finding a time when everybody can play. Simple as that. Now we hate playing phone-tag and email-tag as much as you, and that’s why developed the MatchMakerSM System in 2006. Those of you who play Doubles already know this. Well now Singles players can use the MatchMakerSM too.

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Friday, December 07, 2007

Staying in Shape for tennis during the winter, it gets cold in Atlanta

Hello Atlanta Tennis group, my clients ask me all the time what they should do to stay ing shape during the off season from tennis. Alot of my clients main form of exercise is playing tennis matches, Alta tennis, round robin tennis and tennis drills, maybe even cardio tennis. My recommendations as a personal trainer are: 30-40 minutes of aerobic activity each day, ie treadmill, elipitical machine, bike riding, swimming,running, walking or Jogging are great to etc. As for wieght barring exercise, I recommend free wieghts and machine exercises every other day, Crunches and ab (abdominial work) 5-7 days a week. for exercise ideas please check out my personal training blog which has several different programs.

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Monday, December 03, 2007

Davis cup tennis match goes to the Russians, America needs to cultivate more young players

Excerpt from the Davis cup site, America takes it on the knose again in international tennis play. America needs to cultivate more top flight tennis players, I know where I coach there are juniors tennis programs but in other parts of the country this is not the case, Right now there is Only one American in the top ten player in the world, Andy Rodick, We can should be able to do better.
Safin meets his destiny as he brings the Cup home
It was the same, but different. Marat Safin had been here before, having helped Russia to lift the Davis Cup in 2002 by playing three matches in three days. But this time, he had won the third point in a decisive fifth rubber, and done so in his hometown in front of his adoring public. It doesn’t get much better for any player.

Safin defeated Jose Acasuso 63 36 63 76(5) to hand Russia the Davis Cup by BNP Paribas for the second time, denying Argentina the chance to become just the 13th different nation to raise the priceless trophy. This triumph in Moscow permanently banishes the memory of painful losses in the Davis Cup Finals held in this city in 1994 and 1995. Russia is a vastly different country to what it was then, and this is a completely different team, one representative of the new Russian order. With its strength in depth, other nations should be warned: it has the potential to dominate the world’s biggest team competition for many years to come.

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