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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Glenlake tennis center 17th Anual Tennis Tournament

Glenlake tennis center 17th Anual Tennis Tournament, may 5th 2008, please contact the Glenlake tennis center 121 church street Atlanta Ga 30030.

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Sunday, April 27, 2008

Free Tennis event, Juniors tennis event

Free Tennis Carnival in Hall County, MAY 3 2008

Alberta Banks Park is having a tennis carnival on May 3, 2008. It is
for children up to 14 years of age. The county of Gainesville has hired Jeff to run all the county courts. NEGTA and Jeff are inviting you to a free tennis carnival for your children & Grandchildren. We are
hoping that with your help we can start a junior program this summer for our children in Hall County. Jeff Dudacek will have tennis programs out of Sardis & Alberta Banks.
Please pass the invitation on to all your children's friends and your team members.
This is a FREE program and will introduce the Quick Start Format to the children.
Go to and RSVP that you are coming. I know it will be lots of fun. Lunch will be served and there are lots of gifts to win too.

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The Right Tennis equipment for your game, a great tennis resource: I Play Tennis Atlanta

Hello Atlanta Tennis group
The Right tennis equimpent can make the all the difference to your game especially for the begginner and intermediate tennis player. All the time I will see a lady with very heavy tennis racket and a fellow swinging for instance a Head TI raquet, which is really ideal for the ladies. One solution is to find a good retailor to work with. I have 2 that I work with and recommend, First is I Play Tennis Shop in Ansley Mall at 1544 Piedmont Ave. NE 404.347.7881. Dan is terrific and extremely knowledgeable about everything from Tennis Rackets, Tennis Shoes, Tennis Balls, Bags and tennis Clothes etc. Dan has a great Selection of the newest and best in tennis supplies and equipment, also a good selection of Demo rackets for loan and resale. If you mention my name: Fitness with Jeff he will take 10% off the price for new equipment. Dan can answer almost any tennis question, I even refer players to Dan find teams. In My next report I will profile Play if Again Sports on my Personal training blog, Bill carry's all kinds of sports equimpment including tennis equipment.

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Saturday, April 26, 2008

Atlanta Round-robin tennis matches and tennis tournaments

Atlanta Round Robin Group Tennis

The City of Atlanta has several very good tennis
centers that provide a variety of programs from Cardio Tennis, tennis clinics as well as Round Robin Tennis events. The one that I work out of and recommend most highly is the Bitsy Grant Tennis Center on North Side Drive Atlanta. 2125 Northside, Atlanta, GA 30354

When you call, tell her your level. She will plug you into the draw. You will play 20minute mini doubles matches and the winner moves up the draw, losers move down. The cost is $7 on Sundays and $8 on Fridays. Mention Fitness with Jeff and they'll take $2 bucks off your first visit.

I encourage people to try to attend these, which is very good for your game. These weekly events last about 2 hours, and run Friday's and some Sunday's. These events attract everything from the low intermediate players to the very advanced players. In order to attend, you should be able to hit at least a little, serve at least 5 out of 10 balls into the service box and keep score. For more info please call the numbers below.

7:00 and Sundays 4:00.
Call Mary Craven 770-662-6162
Bitsy Grant Tennis Center 404-609-7193

The center features 12 hard surface tennis courts and 12 clay courts tht are currently being resurfaced. Scheduled re-opening is mid-November. All courts are lighted. No indoor tennis courts.

The center also offers clinics, cardio-tennis, tennis instruction and youth and senior programs and tennis tournaments though out the year.

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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Racquetball, Great for your tennis game in a couple of ways

Hello Atlanta Tennis group, with all the rain we've had can be tough to get on the court. A couple of things to think about is going onto the court and work on your game on a rainy day. On thing I like to do is do volley drills with a partner, even against a wall, the distance on a racquetball court is perfect, another thing to use for this drill is foam tennis balls, normally there made for kids but great for indoor play. The other thing to do a racquetball court is play racquetball, great for hand idea coordination and super for conditioning. I have brought a couple of players in the last couple of weeks and you know I forgot how fun it is.

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Saturday, April 12, 2008

Quickstart tennis program for Kids

Hello Atlanta tennis group, The Tennis Industry Unveils New Fully-Integrated Play Format for Children Ages 10 and Under at Walt Disney World’s Hollywood Studios
QuickStart Tennis to Enable Children to “Play to Learn” Rather than “Learn to Play”.
The USTA has announced the official launch of QuickStart Tennis, an innovative new play format that will help to get more children 10 years of age and under into the game. The QuickStart Tennis format, one of the most significant moves ever to introduce tennis to youth, provides a way to bring kids 10 and under into the game by utilizing equipment, court dimensions, and scoring that is tailored to their age and size.
Tennis Hall of Famer Martina Navratilova and two-time U.S. Olympic gold medalist Mary Joe Fernandez were on hand to help demonstrate the effectiveness of the QuickStart Tennis play format. They were able to give a “kids-eye view” of what a child experiences when they use adult-sized equipment and play on a regulation court. Navratilova and Fernandez utilized “giant-sized” racquets and balls and played on an “oversized” court – 50’ x 110’ (as opposed to 36’ x 78’ for a regulation court). This helped to demonstrate the frustration and difficulties that children experience while trying to play tennis when it is “designed for an adult.”
The QuickStart Tennis play format is designed to help children find success from the very first swing. QuickStart Tennis appropriately scales down all aspects of regulation tennis—including equipment, court dimensions, and scoring—so that the game becomes specifically tailored to their age and size. The format is broken out into two age groupings, for children ages 10-under and for those who are 8-under, similar to models used successfully in other youth sports (such as youth baseball)

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Saturday, April 05, 2008

Tennis Across America on May 10, cardio tennis and instruction

19th annual Tennis Across America on May 10. We want to invite all Cardio Tennis coaches to host a Tennis Across America event featuring Cardio Tennis this year. The events can be tailored to the children, adults or senior citizens of your facilities. Tennis Across America and Cardio Tennis provide great opportunities for promoting USPTA’s new public relations initiative Tennis – for the health of it!SM Its goal is not only to get people on the court, but also to that show tennis is a great way to get healthy, stay fit and have fun. The program not only attracts new players to tennis, but also targets former and current players of all ages who want to jump-start their spring and summer tennis activities. For more information please go to

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Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Lets get physcal, Cardio tennis, From the players perspective

Lets get physcal, Cardio tennis, From the players perspective, by Colleen Oakley, Freelance Writer, Public Relations, Contributor to the Marie Clare, Jezzebel, The Sunday Paper & more.
The only appeal that tennis has ever had for me is the thought that if I played enough,my body might start to look like that of Anna Kournikova. With that ill-conceived goal in mind, I signed up for lessons a few years ago.
My coach was good; a sweet, older gentleman who showed me how to correctly hold the racquet, the right way to hit the ball—forehand and
backhand—and how to volley. My skills weresurprisingly not that bad. But with all
the time we spent on fundamentals, I barely broke a sweat during the hour
of instruction.At this rate, I’d never be able to fit
one leg in Anna’s tiny pleated skirt. That’s why a few weeks ago,
when I saw a park bench on Monroe advertising Fitness with Jeff’s cardio
tennis class, I was intrigued. I like tennis, but I’d really like to get a goodworkout while I’m at it. I e-mailed Jeff Michaud AKA or Actually better known as Fitness with Jeff, on his Web site, and he
immediately responded, inviting me out for a
group lesson that weekend. I arrived early at the tennis
court in a Brookhaven condo (Jeff travels all over the city) as one of his
students, Peter, was warming up. I found out he was a longtime client
of Jeff’s and asked what kept him coming back for more. “It’s a great
workout,” he said. “And Jeff’s a really funny guy; always joking around.
Like today, he said he was going to....
Have to go out to read my Pearl of wisdom to: SUNDAYPAPER.COM | MARCH 30–APRIL 5

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Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Little Mo Tennis tournaments and Match play, Atlanta Ga, Juniors Boys and Girls Tennis

Hello Atlant Tennis group, this program came out through the the USPTA, The "Little Mo" is a program of the Maureen Connolly Brinker Tennis Foundation which furthers junior tennis development for boys and girls 8, 9, 10, 11 & under. The "Little Mo" began in 1976 for Dallas players and then expanded to include all players from Texas. In 1998, the "Little Mo" expanded to a national level and the "Road to the Little Mo Nationals" was created. The "Little Mo" is a nationwide, year-long circuit of fun, competitive tournaments culminating in a national champion being crowned in each age division. The "Little Mo" tournaments offer an opportunity for the younger player to compete against others who are the same age at the sectional, regional and national level.
Do you know of a youngster who you think has the potential to be the next great American champion? If so, please pass along this information about the "Little Mo" Circuit which starts next month. The road starts with the 2008 "Little Mo" Southern Sectional Tournament held at the Sandy Springs Tennis Center (formerly North Fulton Tennis Center) in Atlanta, Georgia, from May 9th - May 11th. For more info please check out the web site.

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