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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Need Your Tennis Racquet Re-Strung? in Atlanta

One of my Clients recommended Jonathon as a top quality stringer, if you looking for someone to string, I my client who I trust says go talk to Jonathon, good enough for me. Here's is story.
The last time I had to get my racquet strung at a tennis shop I showed up to pick up my 2 racquets only to discover that they had mistakenly been put on the wrong shelf and had not yet been strung. I came back the next day to get my racquets, wrote a check for $60, and left extremely unhappy.
Are you tired of this sort of experience? Paying high prices, receiving mediocre customer service, and not getting your tennis racquet returned to you quickly? If so, give me a try.
My name is Jonathan Letzring. I grew up in a tennis family in Florida surrounded by the game of tennis. My dad was a tennis pro and I played competitive junior tennis. As a junior player, I strung tennis racquets for friends and members of the club where I played.
After a long layoff from tennis, I have rediscovered my love for the game and my passion (as strange as it may sound) for stringing tennis racquets for people.
Shoot me an email at or give me a call at 404‑822‑9362 if you are interested in my service. I own a top of the line machine, offer top-quality stringing at unbeatable prices, and I pride myself on excellent customer service.

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Friday, July 18, 2008

Tennis team practice training plan

A prospective ALTA team requested a training plan for there sessions. This is the plan that i came up with, this would be designed for about 75 minutes

Great if the team or some members warming up;

Part 1. Start out with a team gathering for a overview of what would be covered and what the expectations from both the players and the coach for that session. For example talk about what might have in a previous match or things to work on during the session.

Normal Program:
I almost always start off with various volley drills 5-10 minutes,

Go into Groundstrokes, backhand and forehands, a lot of the drills involve 2 lines formation, alternating each time from backhands to forehands. 10-15 minutes.

Various drills but one I like is overhead volley drill, sometimes as a competition drill sometimes with all members in a 2 line formation 10-15 minutes

Serving practice, 10-15,

King of the court hopefully with the various lines together playing the other lines. During this drill in particular but throughout going over game strategy and court positioning. 10-15,

If I have 2 or 3 courts I will have the court doing things like playing out tiebreakers, serve practice.

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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Leauge Tennis Junior League forming now in Atlanta, Atlanta's newest and fastest growing flexible tennis
league, has added Junior Singles leagues! So if you are a junior and want
to hone those skills in real match play, go to and sign
up to play. Summer registration ends midnight 7/18/08 but the waiting list
will remain open for at least several weeks. All juniors who register will
receive a free pack of AceAuthentic Tennis Trading cards!! If you have
questions, contact

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