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Thursday, December 04, 2008

Off Season tennis workout program, exercises to improve your tenis game, from the Atlanta personal trainer, and tennis lessons

Hello Group, here's a workout program to get you in the best possible shape for your tennis game. Rule of thumb for healthy people adjust and build up to this program and consult a health pro before you start any program. Let me help you to get into great shape, also doing year round tennis, groups Saturday and Sunday 11a.

Abs and stretching : 5-10 minutes
Bicycle crunch 80-100
Side crunch 60 reps right side
*Leg lifts 30 reps, can be done in 2 sets
Side crunch 60 reps left side
*Reverse Kicks, 25-30 reps_____
Side kicks 25-30 reps
*Arm circles, 20 forewords, 20 backwards
*20 close grip tricep wall/fence or regular pushups_____
Leg curls 25-30 reps
Tricep extensions 25 reps
Leg extensions 25-30 reps
Lat extensions, Lat pull 25-30 reps
*50 lunges with Biceb curls
Tricep dips 20 reps
*Jump rope or Jumping jacks, 100, advanced person 200 reps____
*20 wide grip wall/fence pushups or regular pushups____
*Calf raises 30-35 reps
if you have time go back through the workout or move onto Cardio

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