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Thursday, November 05, 2009

Road Warrior Tennis, what to think about when picking a tennis pro, who won't reck your game.

This article was inspired by a client of mine who is a road warrior who works with many pro tennis teachers all over the country, he says it is great but he get contradictory advice for his game
The First thing I recommend is to identify a style that works for you; he is a 3.5 to 3.5+ level player
In Particular for players under a 4.0 I recommend the setback swing with the racket going slightly behind the thie, with the head of the racket facing straight down.
For the 4.0 plus there is the Classic C swing, is a good option, but not for most players.
So my client should tell any instructors that he meets in the future that he uses the setback stroke, with a sideways stance to the ball, like a golfer and a batter hitting a ball.
The other option is the open stance which I recommend for volleys, but discourage for ground strokes, because of the tendency to pull the eye off the ball.
For serve, the Andy Rodick, style of serve witch I describe as a similar style of like you try to throw a football or a baseball, I stear my clients away from the old around the world, spaghetti elbow figure 8 swing. Toose at 1:00 is a constant. For the top spin serve
If you give these guild lines to your tennis pro, should be able work with and fine tune your game without recking your whole game

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