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Sunday, August 26, 2007

Share a tennis lesson, with your kids!

Many people ask me if it's Ok to share a tennis lesson with there kids whether they are young children or adults, I also suggest it to my clients. For adult Children the answer is a very simple: yes. Sharing a session with adult child or even a another un-related adult gives the combination of advantages of sharing the cost, for my clients at Fitness with Jeff can save more the 40% on the cost of a regular session per person. Secondly and more importantly builds a level of support for yourself and the other person, on days where I’m not coming and where your not thrilled about playing tennis and might just say I won’t do it today the other person will hopefully step up and say lets hit the gym or the tennis court etc. The more support a person has in there tennis or workout routine, diet or life style efforts the better. For tennis instruction I recommend at least once per week, now you should hit at least 3-5 times per week, especially when your first starting to play tennis.
Now getting back to whether to do tennis instruction with your children under the age of 18 really depends on the relationship. Is there any tension in the relationship, this can usually manifest itself in the teen years and can be difficult to work though, but baring those kinds of issues, it can really be a win-win, for related family members living under the same roof, I usually will charge only a nominal amount more, maybe a couple of dollars more and if they purchase a package, I usually won’t charge any more, most personal trainers and tennis instructors won’t either, so your kind of getting 2 for the price of 1, your learning the same things which hopefully will build a better foundation for doing the exercises or sport movements correctly and hopefully doing them more. Again you’re also building your self a level of support both for you and your child. For Sports like tennis, if your child takes lessons and you don’t, there getting better and you’re not, so if you go to play with them, you might play them once and they will be much better then you and never do it again. Some of the happiest times I watch families together is out on the tennis court or basketball court, ball field etc. Good athletic fun builds good health habits and I feel stronger families. Also if you have the knowledge and can share it with your child that truly is a win-win, Remember you are the best coach, instructor, teacher your child can have. Have a great tennis Match!

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