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Friday, August 24, 2007

Tennis lessons for Kids

Tennis lessons for Kids.
I teach all kinds of people, all of which I love of course, but for pure enjoy and a sense of accomplishment there is nothing like teaching tennis to young people. Young people come to the game with a thirst for knowledge and tend not to bring in as many bad habits as adults. If you learn something correctly if not the first time but with in a short period of time of having learned, those habits aren’t as in grained as they are with adults or even older teens. Kids tend not to be so invested in there game and are more willing to make drastic changes. Adults by contrast have much more time and effort invested in there tennis swing and are much less likely to make those changes. There is a tremendous sense of accomplishment and getting a kid started and see them catch on to what I’m telling them and then finally demonstrating the proper Tennis technique. All ways good to start playing as early as possible. For formal tennis lessons I recommend and of course this depands on the child, Andre Agassi started at 4, probably to young for most kids to be a able to grasp the consepts and motor skills necessary. I would ususally recomment around 8-9 for privates, please check out my article on group tennis classes for kids.

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