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Monday, August 20, 2007

Workout program for Cardio Tennis clinic

Cardio Tennis Check list:
This program was developed for my Cardio tennis program
****4 to 5 minutes of stretching and limbering start slowly and build up.******
Hitting stations hit 4 balls across to courts pickup 6-8 balls quick time and then jump back in line, on other side 2 people returning shots—volleys hitting away from players (Volliers would stay there for 5 minutes then return to the line) in line waiting to hit, run in place lunges also fine. This station 15 minutes

*50 lunges, can be done in 2 sets _____
*Arm circles, 20 forewords, 20 backwards_____
*50 Jumping Jacks,can be done in 2 sets total = 100_____
*20 close grip tricep wall/fence or regular pushups_____
*Leg lifts 30 reps, can be done in 2 sets______
*Jump rope, 100, advanced person 200 reps____
*20 wide grip wall/fence pushups or regular pushups____
*50 good low to high forehand swings, for 1 minute____
*Crunches 50 reps, can be done in to sets____
*Calf raises 40 reps, 2 sets, and 20-second break_____
*Reverse Kicks, 25 reps_____
*Volley station with foam balls, partner up anywhere there is space, no net required, 5 minutes_______
*Regular volleys again with partner______
*50 good low to high backhand swings, 1 minute_____
*50 overhead swings, about 1 minute_____
*Squats, squat is done by pretending to sit in a chair and looking at the sky 25 reps____
*50 basketball pass and catch with partner (partners stand 5 feet facing each other and while moving side to side keep the ball moving at all times) quickness and agility can either bounce ball or pass in the air______
*Juggling station, hand eye coordination_____
*Tricep dips on bench 10-20 reps______

Please keep this program and use for your workouts and find other info on my web site at, 404.451.8872, thanks Jeff! Group Tennis Schedule: Sat’s 11:00, Sun’s noon, Tues’s 5:15 & 6:15pm

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