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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Main Event Tennis tennis league, Mixed doubles tennis league

Hello Fitness with Jeffe tennis and personal training, I found a new tennis leagure, Main Event offers several new features that Alta does not offer. Our league is committed to your success throughout your tennis experience.

Here is what we offer:
-Start date: Feb 13 for Men and Women doubles
-Start date: May 1 for Mixed Doubles
-Our price is $3 per season for a total of 4 seasons. If you play all 4 season you will have paid $12.
-We offer 31 different levels for Men and Women Doubles, Boys and Girls doubles and senior doubles and Mixed doubles
-Rating system: Tired of sandbagging. One you have completed a season with us, you establish a rating. We take your highest rating that you ever had in our league and that is you rating for the following season.
-We offer 18 different regions. Your playoffs matches will be shorter than Alta as well.
-We do not have line restrictions. You can play whatever line you want with any players.
-Championship will be held at higher seed courts, as a result your trophies will be hand delivered to you and will have your level engraves on it.
-Most importantly our price will never change. Each season will always be $3

E-mail us today at today to ask further questions and to see what region you could be listed in

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