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Monday, February 18, 2008

Tennis swing tip, hit with the other hand

Hello Atlanta tennis group, wanted to put out a usual tip for working on your game that many teaching pro's like myself use for both reenforcing good fundementals (really have to think how to do the swing correctly when trying to teach yourself how to do it from the other side) and also to avoid repetitvie motion insuries like tennis elbow and the alike: hit with our other hand, for right handers like myself hit with your left hand, for lefties hit with your right hand, this will help you to train your brain in a different way which i feels reinforces good fundementals and avoids injuries. Pro's do this because if you teach like me some days for 6 or 8 hours, giving your dominant side a break it probably needs, also gives my playes a different angle of attack for them to work on. This also works well with kids, kids break arms all the time, i just switch the kid around and he or she can learn to hit from the other side. This techinque can working with almost any sport or activity, give it a try, best to do it with less skilled player, I did it with my kid clients, they tend not to care as much.

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