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Friday, July 18, 2008

Tennis team practice training plan

A prospective ALTA team requested a training plan for there sessions. This is the plan that i came up with, this would be designed for about 75 minutes

Great if the team or some members warming up;

Part 1. Start out with a team gathering for a overview of what would be covered and what the expectations from both the players and the coach for that session. For example talk about what might have in a previous match or things to work on during the session.

Normal Program:
I almost always start off with various volley drills 5-10 minutes,

Go into Groundstrokes, backhand and forehands, a lot of the drills involve 2 lines formation, alternating each time from backhands to forehands. 10-15 minutes.

Various drills but one I like is overhead volley drill, sometimes as a competition drill sometimes with all members in a 2 line formation 10-15 minutes

Serving practice, 10-15,

King of the court hopefully with the various lines together playing the other lines. During this drill in particular but throughout going over game strategy and court positioning. 10-15,

If I have 2 or 3 courts I will have the court doing things like playing out tiebreakers, serve practice.

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